Gutter Cleaning Cost Guide

Gutter cleaning is a necessary part of home maintenance. If you don’t clean them regularly, then your gutters will start to block up and water can overflow onto your property and cause all types of problems.

This guide will discuss the problems that arise from not cleaning your gutters properly, how often you need to get your gutter cleaned, what the average cost for gutter cleaning is in the UK and some other important information about maintaining your gutters.

Why should you get your gutters cleaned?

There’s a lot of problems caused by not properly maintaining your gutters. The most common problem is overflowing water. If you don’t clean your gutters, then they’ll start to block up which can cause all sorts of problems. If this happens on a regular basis it could lead into serious issues like mold growth or even structural damage.

One of the other many benefits that come with regular gutter cleaning is safety. It’s a common sight in the fall: leaves, dirt, and other debris building up on your gutters. Gutters play a vital role in preventing debris from getting blown all around your property and into the street, which creates potential dangers for people. If they get clogged by dirt and leaves, then they can’t do their job to prevent this.

You should also think about aesthetic reasons for cleaning your gutters. If they’re not properly maintained, then you may find that the clogged up dirty and debris can make it look unsightly from a distance or even block out sunlight coming in through windows near where gutter is located.

What factors come into play in the cost of gutter cleaning?

There are many factors companies take into account when calculating the cost of gutter cleaning. The size and shape, as well how long it will take to clean them all are some examples that come into play when calculating a quote.

Your house type

Depending on your house type, the cost of gutter cleaning can vary. For example, if you have a house with an extension or loft conversion then there may be more gutters to clean and this will increase your quote.

A professional cleaner should also take into account any additional features such as window boxes or garages when calculating how much they’ll charge for work.

The labour and equipment required

Some companies use ladders to clean gutters, while others use a gutter vac system or even in some cases a cherry picker for larger residential and commercial buildings. The type of equipment used can affect the price you pay for your service – so be sure to ask about this before committing.

How much does gutter cleaning cost?

The average price of gutter cleaning in the UK is £150.

This is the cost of a one-off service, and prices can vary depending on factors such as where you live in England or Scotland – for example London tends to be more expensive than other areas. If you require your soffit & fascia to be cleaned too, this will add on to the price.

Our professional gutter cleaning service starts at only £50.

Do I need a professional or can I clean my gutters myself?

If you are not a professional, we would advise that it is best to leave the job of cleaning your gutters and downspouts with an experienced company. Doing the job yourself can lead to potential issues such as not getting all of the debris out, or damaging your gutters.

If you live in Scotland and are looking to get your gutters cleaned by professionals, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote. We operate in Falkirk and Glasgow.